Nicholson v Grainger plc: Mr Nicholson has brought an employment tribunal claim alleging that he was selected for redundancy because of his strong belief in the importance of the environment. He is arguing that this is a philosophical belief covered by the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 and that his dismissal was therefore discriminatory. At a preliminary hearing, Grainger plc argued unsuccessfully that Mr Nicolson's claim of discrimination should be struck out on the grounds that a belief in the environment is not protected under the Religion or Belief Regulations. It remains to be seen whether Grainger will appeal this decision. In the meantime, this decision shows how widely tribunals are prepared to interpret what amounts to a "philosophical belief". Any detrimental treatment by the employer on the grounds of such beliefs or any treatment that adversely affects such employees could be discriminatory under the Religion or Belief Regulations.