VicRoads is undertaking a review of its Traffic Noise Reduction Policy (Policy).  It is receiving public comments on the Policy until 19 April 2015.  Submissions can be lodged via the VicRoads’ website through the link below:

The current Policy aims to reduce noise emitted by vehicles and roads surfaces and to limit traffic noise from new and updated freeways and arterial roads. Under the Policy, VicRoads will provide acoustic attenuation to dwellings adjacent to new freeways and arterial roads built on new alignments.  VicRoads will also provide attenuation to houses which are exposed to noise due to the removal of buildings as a result of a freeway or arterial road being widened by two or more lanes.  In all other circumstances, residential developments constructed adjacent to a freeways or arterial roads after the construction of a VicRoads freeway or arterial road, must be attenuated to VicRoads’ standards at the cost of the developer.  Attenuation will typically involve the construction of a noise wall which is required to meet VicRoads’ standards for a period of 10 years after finalisation of the development.

The invitation for comment on the Policy is a rare opportunity for developers who regularly engage with VicRoads about traffic noise issues to provide feedback on the Policy and, where relevant, to request changes or improvements.