As noted in our previous blog post, IP Australia introduced a new streamlined process for extension of time requests for Applicants impacted by COVID-19.

These arrangements have now been extended until at least 31 October 2020.

IP Australia are also allowing a further streamlined COVID-19 extension even if you have previously received an extension.

By way of reminder, extension of time is available to extend most Patents, Trade Marks, and Designs deadlines for up to three months, and is:

  • free of charge – associated fees will be waived or refunded; and
  • only requires the submission of a simplified request based on standard text made available by IP Australia. This differs to standard extension of time requests that require a statutory declaration to be submitted setting out the circumstances for the extension.

One notable exception is that the arrangement does not apply to extensions of time for payment of renewal fees.

IP Australia have advised that at least one week’s notice will be provided before the COVID-19 extensions of time are ended or changed in any way.