Following on from our e-update last month on the Employment Tribunals Annual Statistics Report for 2010/2011, the information in relation to average and highest awards has now been released.

Age Discrimination

Our last update covered the 30% increase in the number of age discrimination claims, and the latest figures show that the average award for a successful age discrimination claim was £30,289 which is triple last year's average. The highest award in an age discrimination award was £144,100.

Highest Awards

The highest award made by an Employment Tribunal in 2010/2011 was £289,167 for a sex discrimination claim. A claim for disability discrimination attracted the second largest sum awarded: £181,083. The average awards in respect of sex and disability claims were £13,911 and £14,137 respectively.

Expenses or Costs

The report reveals that the percentage of cases in which costs awards are made continues to be small with only 487 costs awards made. In the majority of those cases, awards were made in favour of the employer. The average awards of costs was £2,830, and maximum award of costs was £83,000. In only 4 cases the award was more than £10,000 and in over 40 cases the award was less than £200.

Representation of Parties

The report reveals that the number of Claimants represented by lawyers far outweighs those representing themselves or represented by trade unions. The figures show that in 65% of cases Claimants were legally represented.

Unfair Dismissal Cases

In this jurisdiction, the average award was £8,924, where a maximum compensatory award of £65,300 was possible until 1 February of this year when the maximum increased to £68,400.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, of the 10,300 cases that proceeded to a full hearing, there were only 8 cases where re-instatement or re-engagement were awarded.

The full report can be found at: Employment Tribunal Statistics 2010/2011