On June 11, 2013, ALJ Theodore R. Essex issued Order Nos. 14 and 15 in Certain Reduced Folate Nutraceutical Products and L-Methylfolate Raw Ingredients Used Therein (Inv. No. 337-TA-857).

According to Order No. 14, Complainants South Alabama Medical Science Foundation, Merck & Cie, Nestle Health Science-Pamlab, Inc. and Camline LLC (collectively, “Complainants”) and Respondents Macoven Pharmaceuticals LLC (“Macoven”) and Viva Pharmaceutical, Inc. (“Viva”) filed a joint motion to terminate the investigation based upon a settlement agreement.  ALJ Essex granted the motion, agreeing that the terms of the settlement have no negative effect on the public health and welfare or competitive conditions in the U.S.

According to Order No. 15, Complainants filed a motion to withdraw its Amended Complaint against Respondents Gnosis SpA, Gnosis Bioresearch SA and Gnosis USA.  ALJ Essex determined that no extraordinary circumstances exist that would prevent the requested termination of the Investigation.  ALJ Essex also determined that Complainants fully complied with the requirements of ITC Rule 210.21(a) and thus granted the motion and terminated this Investigation in its entirety.