On May 15, the Maryland governor signed SB 202, which prohibits consumer reporting agencies from charging consumers, or protected consumers’ representatives, a fee for the placement, removal, or temporary lift of a security freeze. Previously, Maryland allowed for a fee, in most circumstances, of up to $5.00 for each placement, temporary lift, or removal. The law takes effect October 1.

On May 3, the Georgia governor signed SB 376, which amends Georgia law to prohibit consumer reporting agencies from charging a fee for placing or removing a security freeze on a consumer’s account. Previously, Georgia law allowed for a fee of no more than $3.00 for each security freeze placement, removal, or temporary lift, unless the consumer was a victim of identity theft or over 65 years old. Under SB 376, consumer reporting agencies may not charge a fee to any consumer at any time for the placement or removal of a security freeze. This law takes effect July 1.