ProCure21, the current framework agreement for NHS construction procurement, will expire in September 2010.

The Department of Health has put together a high-level requirements document (consultation draft) for its successor, ProCure21+, which has just been issued. This will form the basis of industry-wide consultation taking place between 27 January and 4 March this year, with the aim that the final version will be produced in May.

The document sets out the objectives of the new ProCure21+ framework and provides a breakdown of key elements of the framework’s four main requirements: contractual, cultural, operational and performance related.

The new framework will adopt the NEC3 suite of contracts, with amendments (to be announced), which is recognised for its collaborative and partnership-based approach in construction projects. The full ProCure21+ high-level requirements document along with registration forms for consultation events are available on the NHS ProCure21 website. Procure 21+ will begin on 12 September 2010.

For more detailed information about the implications of using NEC3 and ProCure21+, see our Healthcare Resource Centre.