It has been published by the Spanish online gambling authorities the first edition of a report analyzing the Spanish Online Player’s Profile (“Report“).

The Report, which has been drafted by the Spanish General Directorate for the Regulation of Gaming Activities (“DGOJ“) analyzes the Spanish online gambling market during 2014 exclusively from the perspective of the online player, in order to obtain, among others, information on consumption patterns, to provide answer to the following questions:

  1. Who plays online? During 2014, 824 026 players participated in the online games at least once, of whom 87% were men and 13% were women.
  2. Which are the gambling games in which the users play more? The most popular games for online players during 2014 were fixed-odds sports betting and poker. In betting, casinos and poker, the profile of the player is a male aged between 26 and 35 years, while the profile of the player of bingo is a woman between 36 and 45 years.
  3. What are the habits of deposits and withdrawals? The Report reveals that men have played during 2014, 60% times more than women. Moreover, the deposits and players’ participation increases when the age of the participants increases, with an average of annual participation of € 7,769 per player.
  4. What is the level of expenditure of the players? Players aged between 46 and 55 years old are the ones who spent more money on online gambling during 2014, while men between 18 and 25 years old were the one who spent fewer. In any case, men spend more than women, with an expenditure average of 261 € while women’s expenditure average is 123 €.

An interesting document (with graphics) is provided by the DGOJ in its website, summarizing the above mentioned matters.

During the presentation of the Report, the DGOJ has expressed its intention to periodically publish each year a report analyzing the Spanish Online Player’s Profile, which will provide not only interesting information on the habits of online players during a given year, but also data on the evolution of these habits.