ICE Futures Europe updated its self-trade prevention policy and issued a corresponding, revised guidance. As with ICE Futures U.S., use of ICE Futures Europe’s self-trade prevention functionality is mandatory at the authorized trader ID level for all proprietary traders with direct market access utilizing algorithmic trading applications in order to avoid inadvertent wash trades. (Click here to access ICE Futures U.S. STP functionality policy.) ICE exchanges propose to extend at an unspecified later time mandatory use of STPF at Authorized Trader ID level to embrace all proprietary traders and commercial/merchant entities other than those which trade for customer/client accounts. Self-match prevention technology is available for CME Group exchanges but is not mandatory. (Click here to access relevant guidance.) Self-match prevention technology automatically ensures that a new incoming bid/offer does not offset a resting bid/offer. Subject to the election of outcomes, if such situation arises, the incoming order, the resting order or (on ICE exchanges only) both orders may be cancelled.