On March 17, Governor Cuomo’s office announced that nearly 9,000 New York driver licenses had been suspended due to the drivers’ failure to pay taxes owed to the State, pursuant to legislation enacted in 2013 allowing the State to suspend the license of an individual taxpayer who owes more than $10,000 in state taxes. Press Release, Governor Cuomo Announces Initial Results of Tax Scofflaw Driver License Suspension Initiative, March 17, 2014.  According to the press release, over 17,000 drivers were contacted beginning in August 2013, and 6,500 of them paid in full or arranged payment plans, while 2,300 were determined to be ineligible for suspension. Any taxpayer who receives a license suspension notice has 60 days to arrange payment and, if he or she does not do so, will receive a second letter allowing an additional 15 days; if no contact is made, the Department of Motor Vehicles is authorized to suspend the license with no further notice.