The UN has adopted Security Council Resolution 2160 (2014) directing all States to impose an asset freeze and travel ban on persons and entities designated as being associated with the Taliban and who therefore constitute a threat to the peace, stability and security of Afghanistan. Of particular note is the fact that the UN has stated that the asset freeze applies to financial and economic resources of all kind, including resources used for the provision of internet hosting or related services and resources directly or indirectly related to the payment of ransoms.

The UN has also decided that States shall take measures to prevent the supply of arms and related materiel of all types to such persons, as well as training related to military activities. In a related move, the UN has urged States to help prevent designated persons from obtaining explosives and raw materials that can be used to manufacture explosives by directing States to undertake appropriate measures to promote the exercise of vigilance by their nationals, persons subject to their jurisdiction and firms incorporated in their territory or subject to their jurisdiction that are involved in the production, sale, supply, purchase, transfer and storage of such materials.

Security Council Resolution 2160 (2014)