A federal district court denied reinsurer Allstate’s motion to compel two separate arbitrations and granted insurer Liberty Mutual’s cross-motion to compel Allstate to select an umpire to complete an arbitration panel that, in turn, could decide how many arbitration proceedings should be held. Allstate had filed two arbitration demands based on distinct issues and argued that the parties’ reinsurance treaties permitted each dispute to be arbitrated separately. Allstate further argued that the Federal Arbitration Act required that two arbitrations be held. The court denied Allstate’s request, however, reasoning that its job was to determine the validity and scope of the arbitration provision. The arbitrators should decide procedural questions related to the arbitration, including whether to consolidate the separately requested arbitration proceedings. Allstate Insurance Co. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Case No. 11-10415 (USDC D. Mass. May 19, 2011).