In view of the implementation of the new public procurement Directives, the Belgian government enacted the Royal Decree of 18 April 2017 on public procurement in the classic sectors as published in the Belgian State Gazette of 9 May 2017. The exact date of entry into force of this new Belgian legislative package on public procurement is set on 30 June 2017.

Consequently, as of this date the rules of the game change. For example, did you already know that the new public procurement framework:

  • Introduces a European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)
  • Includes a self-cleaning principle
  • Restricts the possibilities for subcontracting
  • Limits the subcontracting chain
  • Contains a whole new framework regarding concession contracts

Contracting authorities as well as private parties acting in context of a public procurement procedure are obliged to comply immediately with the new legislative framework. Hence, it is important that both public and private parties are familiar with the changes of the playing field.