Ed FitzGerald, Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor, rolled out his energy policy this week, highlighting the differences between his plan and both Governor Kasich’s policies and President Obama’s recently released carbon-emissions policy. Speaking of the president’s new plan in a Columbus Dispatch article, FitzGerald said, “if you’re going to take regulatory actions that are going to have a significant economic effect, you can’t leave the populations that are economically dependent on current industry hanging.” FitzGerald noted that he would attempt to steer new clean-energy industry in Ohio to those areas. The focus of his plan is the need to “reverse the Kasich administration’s energy policies such as Senate Bill 310, which…started a two-year freeze on annual increases in state standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency,” according to the Dispatch article (for more on SB 310, see our June 13, 2014 blog post). In the article, FitzGerald said, “Gov. Kasich is putting an enormous ‘you are not welcome’ sign on Ohio when it comes to a new energy economy. Ohio is not the place to go if you want to make a major investment in the new energy economy.”