Cantons update in orange and yellow alert

In a press conference on September 8, 2020, it was indicated that in relation to the analysis carried out on the level of contagion in the cantons on alert and it was concluded to modify it, remaining as follows: 



Saint Joseph 

Saint Joseph  


Saint Ana 

Homeless except the districts of Frailes and San Cristóbal 




Vasquez de Coronado 




Alajuela except the Sarapiquí district

Orange tree 

Fourth quarter

San Carlos only the district of Pital


The Union



Heredia except the district of Varablanca


Santo Domingo 


Saint Paul




Montes de Oro

Osa only the district of Palmar.



Therefore, the following cantons went from orange to yellow alert:  

In the province of Alajuela: 

  • Poas

In the province of Puntarenas: 

  • Corridors

In the province of San José: 

  • Aserri

See full statement.

See alert map.

Full Court agrees to increase the amount for legal proceedings in labor matters.

In Judicial Bulletin No. 172 of September 8, 2020, circular No. 184-2020 was published, which indicates that through Session No. 46-2020 held on August 24, 2020, the Full Court of the Supreme Court Justice, agreed to increase the amount of the amount in the labor courts to ¢ 15,000,000.00 (fifteen million colones exact).

It is important to note that this issue is judicially relevant, since it will depend on the estimate embodied in a process, in order to be aware of its recursive possibility. Therefore, the following most relevant aspects should be taken into account:

  1. In judicial proceedings whose amount is less than 15 million colones, the superior who will hear the appeal of the sentence will be the Labor Appeal Courts;
  2. In judicial processes whose amount is less than 15 million colones, the superior who will hear the appeal of the sentence will be the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice;

In addition, the amount for filing a cassation appeal in labor matters was increased in the case of claims over fifteen million colones.

Regarding matters already settled in the Labor Courts, they will be processed in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Those pending resolution that are before the Courts of Appeals and the Labor Cassation Chamber will remain under its jurisdiction until their expiration.

This agreement is effective as of October 08, 2020.

See complete bulletin No. 172.

CCSS will notify COVID-19 health orders via patient email.

On September 7, in an official press conference statement, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund indicated that it will notify the health orders, by email from the previous Monday to all patients confirmed by COVID19. She also stressed that these orders are personal, therefore, the notification by this means will only be given if the person provides their own email address, otherwise it will be printed.

In addition, it was recalled that these sanitary orders have a unique code, with which their authenticity can be validated.

See full statement.

Modification of the general guideline for owners, administrators and users of public transport of people nationwide.

On September 7, 2020, the Ministry of Health published the reform to the guideline related to public transport of people at the national level, in its regular route modality, special tourism services and workers; as well as, boats, trains and the like; reforming the following:

  • In relation to public transport users only insofar as.
  • As for the companies (administrators) of public transport only as.
  • On public transport companies or operators, as well as Municipalities when they administer Passenger Terminals, through their collaborators.

See complete guideline.

Modification to the general guideline for the monitoring and lifting of administrative acts (health order) of home isolation due to COVID-19

On September 4, 2020, the Ministry of Health published the modification to the guideline related to the health order, reforming the following:

  • The general numbering of the guidelines
  • The change of the word people for patients (when required).
  • Regarding the notification of the health order to a confirmed case that is asymptomatic, only in terms of the computation of the health order, indicating:
    • For the duration in days to be specified in the sanitary order, the days elapsed between the date of sampling and the day the order is issued are taken into account.

See complete guideline.

Admission of Unconstitutionality Action on resolution ordering the reinstatement of a worker in special processes.

In the Judicial Bulletin of September 7, 2020, the admission of the unconstitutionality action was published for the first time before the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, which seeks to declare the omission of articles 573 and 583 of the Labor Code to provide an appeal in favor of the employer in relation to the decision of the Judge that orders the reinstatement of workers in special processes, considering it contrary to the provisions of article 39 of the Political Constitution of the Political Constitution . This is because, as indicated, the omission is contested insofar as, in the plaintiff's opinion, the norms violate an essential content of the guarantee of due process,

This action is admitted because it meets the requirements referred to in the Constitutional Jurisdiction Law. The admission of the action only affects pending judicial processes in which the contested omission is discussed and it is noted that the only thing that cannot be done in said processes is to pass judgment or the act in which the questioned issue has to be resolved; until the Constitutional Chamber resolves the present action on the merits.

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Executive Decree on the entry of foreigners with DIMEX.  

In Scope No. 236 of September 7, 2020 of the Official Gazette La Gaceta, the Executive Decree that reforms the adaptation measures for the entry of foreigners to the national territory by air or sea was published under the permitted assumptions, only insofar as to foreigners who have a legal stay authorized under the immigration categories of Permanent Residence, Temporary Residence, Special Categories or Non-Residents, subcategory Stay and who intend to enter the country by air or sea by yacht or sailboat, must necessarily meet the following conditions :

  • Fill out the "health pass" form.
  • Present the DIMEX, except for exceptions indicated by the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration.
  • Present the proof of contribution to social security (CCSS) or have the travel insurance required for people as tourists, which covers at least 22 days of policy.
  • Once the previous documentation has been presented, you will be given a sanitary order for isolation of 14 days, which you must comply with; except for exceptions.

See full scope.

Executive Decree on the mandatory use of a mask.

In Scope No. 236 of September 7, 2020 of the Official Gazette La Gaceta, the Executive Decree that reforms the special measure on the mandatory use of a mask or face shield as personal protective equipment was published, as:

  • To the name of the Executive Decree.
  • The mandatory use of a mask, which has mandatory use because it is personal protective equipment, the mask for all people when they require access to establishments with sanitary operating permits, which will be determined by the Ministry of Health via resolution, as well as for access the paid public transport service of people in its different modalities.

The use of the mask or face shield will be optional and additional to the mandatory use of the mask as personal protective equipment.

See full scope.