Last Thursday, September 15, EPA confirmed a rising suspicion that it would fail to meet a planned September 30 deadline for issuing rules limiting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other major sources.  The EPA is under a court order to issue the rules and originally planned to do so by July 26.  However, that date was extended to September 30 by agreement of the parties. EPA has not yet announced a new schedule for issuance of the rules, but stated that such would be forthcoming "soon."

The White House had been under strong pressure from business lobbyists to delay or modify the rules, and congressional Republicans welcomed news of the postponement.  Outspoken climate-change critic Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) called the rules "economically damaging."  An EPA official stated, however, that the delay was not driven by political pressure but internal agency considerations, likely just an inability to respond to all comments received and prepare an adequate draft on time.

The New York Times blogs about the delay here.