The National Practitioner Data Bank (“NPDB”) has announced that it is offering a prototype proactive practitioner disclosure service (“PDS”) to data bank subscribers. The PDS program provides on-going monitoring of health care practitioners which the health care entity has enrolled. PDS will electronically notify the provider within one business day of the NPDB’s receipt of a report on any of their enrolled practitioners. As long as the practitioner remains enrolled in the PDS by the provider, the provider will be deemed to have met the data base query requirements. Enrolled providers, however, may continue to make inquiries to the data bank on an as-needed basis regarding practitioners, and need not enroll all practitioners in the PDS program.

The annual PDS Prototype enrollment fee is $3.25 and covers the cost of the enrollment of one practitioner in one data bank for a year. The subscription fee will be payable at the time of enrollment and enrollment renewal. This service is offered as an alternative to the current data bank querying and is scheduled to last for an 18 month prototype period. However, one risk associated with the PDS program must be noted. If a provider fails to cancel the PDS enrollment of a practitioner immediately upon receiving notice that the practitioner has left the organization, the Provider could be deemed to have violated the confidentiality provisions of the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986. A violation may result in a civil money penalty.

To participate, providers must complete and submit the PDS Prototype Participation application available at