Other amendments to banking regulations made during the fourth quarter of 2009 include:

  • new requirements for the issue of bank guarantees: obtaining the borrower's written permission to provide information about the borrower and the guarantee to the Credit Bureau, effective of 6 December 2009;
  • requirements for banks to file stress-testing results and stress-scenarios with the FMSA and adopt a risk mitigation action plan for such stress-scenarios, effective of 16 November 2009;
  • a new method for calculation of minimal reserve capital for banks, effective of 10 October 2009;
  • amendments and clarifications to requirements for banks under liquidation, effective of 1 January 2010; and
  • amendments related to standards of financial reporting by banks and maintenance with the NBK of a correspondent account of a bank under restructuring, effective of 9 October 2009, with certain provisions effective of 10 November 2009.