The Commission has adopted a Delegated Regulation under the EU MAR on regulatory technical standards (RTS):

  • in relation to accepted market practices (AMPs) in respect of Member States. ESMA had submitted the draft RTS in September 2015. It provides a restrictive list of “supervised persons” then sets out the criteria, procedure and requirements for establishing an AMP as well as the requirements for maintaining it, terminating it or modifying the conditions for its acceptance. Annexed to the Delegated Regulation is a template for notification of the intention to establish AMPs; and
  • on notifications to be submitted to a competent authority under EU MAR. It concerns the content of the notifications as well as the compilation, publication and maintenance of the list of notifications submitted. It aligns the data reporting obligations with MiFIR standards. The Annex to this Delegated Regulation sets out the classification of commodity and emission allowances derivatives and the content of the notifications to be submitted.

Both Delegated Regulations will apply alongside the EU MAR regime from 3 July. (Source: EU MAR Delegated Regulation on AMPs RTS and EU MAR Delegated Regulation on notifications)