This is entry number 92, first published on 2 February 2010, of a blog on the implementation of the Planning Act 2008. Click here for a link to the whole blog.

Today's entry reports on the publication of a third set of regulations and guidance to accompany the Planning Act 2008.

The Planning Act 2008 introduces a new regime for authorising nationally significant infrastructure projects, and will come into force for energy and transport projects on 1 March. Today, the government published the final set of preparatory regulations and guidance and a commencement order. There will be a further tranche later, but that will deal with amending development consent orders under the Act once they have been approved, so today's set is the final piece of the jigsaw that will allow applications to be made, considered and approved.

The headline news is that the government has reduced the average fee for an application by an estimated 22% (although the largest applications will cost slightly more to compensate).

If you include one set of regulations that was part of the third tranche but was finalised last month, the full suite consists of six sets of regulations, three sets of guidance and one commencement order.

The six sets of regulations are:

The three sets of guidance are:

... and the new commencement order is The Planning Act 2008 (Commencement No.4 and Saving) Order 2010

Commentary to follow on changes made since the consultation versions were made.