On July 28, 2009, the Data Privacy Subgroup meeting at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum in Singapore reported a number of privacy-related legislative developments on the horizon. Among the highlights:

  • On July 15, the Malaysian Cabinet approved privacy legislation to be enacted by the Parliament in early 2010
  • Vietnam is set to enact consumer protection legislation including privacy provisions in 2010
  • Hong Kong's Privacy Commissioner will soon begin a review process to evaluate how privacy law has kept up with changing technology  
  • The Philippines is set to enact privacy legislation based on the APEC Principles by the end of 2009  
  • Thailand is expected to pass privacy legislation in the near future  
  • The Law Reform Commission in New Zealand is laying the groundwork for legislation in 2010  
  • Chile plans to enact legislation creating a government authority responsible for privacy and transparency  

The Centre for Information Policy Leadership facilitated workshops contributing to the legislative processes in Vietnam and the Philippines.