On 22 April 2014, the Supreme People's Procuratorate of China (SPP) held a press briefing in Beijing, during which SPP announced the 10 typical intellectual property rights protection cases handled by the Chinese procuratorates in 2013, and reported on the Chinese procuratorates' IPR protection efforts during the year.

As reported, China's procuratorial authorities in 2013 arrested 9,390 persons involved in 5,889 cases, and prosecuted 14,662 persons involved in 8,902 cases on the ground of production and sale of counterfeit and inferior goods. They further arrested 5,081 persons involved in 3,272 cases, and prosecuted 8,232 persons involved in 4,975 cases on the ground of IP infringement.

According to the SPP spokesman, the authorities were concerned about IP-related offences that involve government officials, and would step up efforts to deal with acts related to the undue exercise of power by the officials in such manners as taking bribes, sheltering offences, and assisting IP infringers in averting punishment. 

As for the ten typical cases announced at the briefing, they included those related to infringement of copyright, trademark, and trade secret in the fields of industry technology, e-commerce, and software information.