The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently approved the .XXX top-level domain ("TLD")  for use by the adult entertainment industry. While this may be a positive for those in the industry, third parties could potentially register your mark in a .XXX domain name and  tarnish your good will and reputation. Anticipating this, ICM Registry, the company charged with administering the .XXX TLD, will permit trademark registration owners to block the registration of their marks in domain names with this .XXX ending from now until October 28, 2011.

ICM Registry's website provides instructions on how to block your trademark or service mark from being registered by a third party with .XXX ending. That website is If you would like us to arrange to have your registered marks blocked from use with a .XXX TLD, please contact us prior to the October 28, 2011 deadline.  

It will become more complicated and expensive to prevent use of your mark in a .XXX domain name after October 28, 2011, so it would be prudent to take action if you are concerned that your marks may be registered in .XXX domain names by third parties.