EU – Phase I merger notifications published in the Official Journal

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The European Commission has published a non-confidential version of its Intel Decision, adopted on 13 May 2009. The Commission found that Intel engaged in two specific forms of illegal practice. First, Intel gave wholly or partially hidden rebates to computer manufacturers on condition that they bought all, or almost all, their x86 CPUs from Intel. Intel also made direct payments to a major retailer on condition it stock only computers with Intel x86 CPUs. Such rebates and payments effectively prevented customers - and ultimately consumers - from choosing alternative products. Second, Intel made direct payments to computer manufacturers to halt or delay the launch of specific products containing competitors’ x86 CPUs and to limit the sales channels available to these products. The Commission found that these practices constituted abuses of Intel’s dominant position on the x86 CPU market that harmed consumers throughout the EEA. The Commission fined Intel €1.06 bn for abuse of dominant position.

Textile machinery/ winders/spinners

A Summary of the Commission Decision of 4 August 2008 declaring a concentration to be compatible with the common market, Case COMP/M.4874 — Itema/ BarcoVision, has been published. On 14 April 2008, the Commission opened an in-depth investigation to assess whether the new entity would be likely to stop supplying competing winder manufacturers with sensors, thereby raising the prices of winders for textile mills.