This week we have begun work on our 2015 TPI multi-client survey, which looks interact with a wide variety of TPIs in order to determine what they want from a supplier, and who is doing a good job at providing it. Around 15 TPIs have already taken our survey, and when combined with the follow up interviews, some interesting trends are already beginning to emerge.

Early results have indicated that TPIs want to work with suppliers who consistently to the simple things right, as was also the case in last year's survey. After price, timely response to tenders and provision of dedicated account manager is what TPIs say they value most, and there is a suggestion that their importance has actually increased over the last year. Conversely, the additional bells and whistles from suppliers, such as an online service and innovative products, seem to have little bearing on a TPIs decision to work a supplier.

The Big Six are a mixed bag when it comes to meeting the needs of TPIs, responses have indicated, with some doing this quite well, and others leaving a lot to be desired. Several were highlighted as having quite bureaucratic internal processes, making them quite slow moving and difficult to engage with. The Big Six have also experienced the biggest shifts in TPI satisfaction; for better and for worse. With some anomalies aside, the TPIs who have taken our survey so far have scored suppliers with relative uniformity, indicating they have a clear idea what they want from suppliers.

With other TPIs scheduled to complete the survey this week, we expect a host of new trends to emerge, reflecting a changing market where reliance on brokers is on the rise.

If you are a TPI and would like to take part in the survey we are offering 3 months access to our daily bulletins and the chance to win a place at one of our courses.

The results of the survey will be available for purchase in December 2015.