In August 2015, Prince Edward Island released Blanket Order 32-501 Exemption from the Dealer Registration Requirement and the Adviser Registration Requirement in respect of Trades and Advice for U.S. Resident Clients(Blanket Order 32-501).

Blanket Order 32-501 is similar to blanket orders and rules issued in other Canadian jurisdictions, including OSC Rule 32-505 Conditional Exemption from Registration for United States Broker-Dealers and Advisers Servicing U.S. Clients from Ontario.  Blanket Order 32-501 exempts certain U.S. broker-dealers and U.S. advisers from dealer/adviser registration requirements in Prince Edward Island in respect of trades for/advice to U.S. resident clients if certain conditions are met.

Blanket Order 32-501 came into force in Prince Edward Island on August 13, 2015.