The legislators made their way back to Raleigh this week for the first in a series of special sessions. This particular session was intended to give legislators the chance to override gubernatorial vetoes, vote on conference reports, and to consider a plan for the drawing of new legislative maps.

Conference Reports The narrow scope of June's adjournment resolution meant that only a certain number of bills were eligible to be heard this session. H770 Various Clarifying Changes (link is external), S407 Employee Classification (link is external), S16 Business Regulatory Reform (link is external), and S628 Various Changes to the Revenue Laws (link is external) were negotiated conference reports adopted by both chambers yesterday. None of Governor Cooper's four outstanding vetoes were overridden or voted on due to a number of absent members, but will likely be considered in the next special session beginning August 18th.

Appointments (S689 (link is external)) Both chambers adopted a bill to fill vacant seats on various boards and commissions throughout the state. The non-controversial bill passed unanimously in both chambers and will next be presented to the Governor.

Adjournment Resolution (H926 (link is external)) The adjournment resolution (link is external) adopted by the House and Senate calls for a special session to consider new legislative maps to commence on Friday, August 18th. Legislative leadership has indicated no votes will be held until August 21st at the earliest and that votes for new maps are expected to take place on August 24th and 25th.