The European Parliament has approved at first reading proposals for a directive aimed at improving recourse to remedies in the event of a breach of the public procurement rules. The European Commission published the original proposal in May 2006, but that text has since been substantially amended. Under the proposed directive, contracting authorities would be required to wait at least 10 days between the award and conclusion of contracts governed by the procurement rules, a reflection of the current situation in the UK. A key proposal is that contracts entered into in breach of the standstill provisions and/or illegally awarded without reference to the procurement rules could be declared ineffective by a national court and subject to a new tendering procedure. In cases of overriding general interest a court would also be able to consider remedies other than cancellation of the contract. The draft directive will shortly go to the European Council for agreement. Provided no further amendments are made, it will be formally adopted and require implementation by Member States two years after it comes into force.