The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) continues to encounter problems in receipting the inordi-nate number of Adjustment of Status Applications which it received prior to August 17, 2007 pursuant to the DOS' July 2007 Visa Bulletin which made all employment-based immigrant visa categories Available. The USCIS Texas Service Center appears to be overwhelmed with the number of applications it received because it has transferred some of these applications to the California Service Center for receipting and processing. Therefore, although the USCIS previously consolidated the processing of the Adjustment of Status Applications with the Nebraska and Texas Service Centers, it now appears that the USCIS has engaged the California Service Center in order to more timely receipt in and begin to process these Adjustment of Status Applications and their ancillary applications. Due to the fact that the USCIS has had to transfer a number of these applications to the California Service Center, our firm is still predicting that the USCIS will take at least 12 weeks to complete the process of inputting all these cases and issuing receipts for them.