Reassignment of surplus personnel:  When actual student enrollment in a grade level or program, unforeseen before March 1, 2014, permits the assignment of fewer teachers or service personnel to or within a school, the county superintendent with board approval, may reassign the surplus personnel to another school or to another grade level or program within the school. Reassignment may not occur after the last day of the second school month of the 2014-2015 school year. 18A-2-7(e).

Retirement bonus:  In order to qualify for the Classroom Teachers’ Early Notice of Year-End Retirement $500 bonus, the teacher must give notice to the Board on or before January 15, 2015. 18A-2-2(g).

Posting of seniority:  On or before September 1, 2014 and on or before January 15, 2015, the county boards shall post at each county school or working station the current seniority list or lists of each service personnel classification. 18A-4-8g(f).

Reduction-in-Force of professional employees:  Board approval on or before March 1, 2015. Keep in mind that notice and hearing must occur prior to the March 1 deadline per 18A-2-2(c).

Reduction-in-Force of service personnel employees:  Board approval before March 1, 2015. Keep in mind that notice and hearing must occur prior to the March 1 deadline per 18A-2- 6.

Reserving vacancies:  All employees subject to release shall be considered applicants for any vacancy in an established, existing or newly created position, that on or before February 15, 2015, is known to exist for the next ensuing school year, and for which they are qualified, and, upon recommendation of the superintendent, the board shall appoint the successful applicant from among them before posting such vacancies for application by other persons. 18A- 4-7a(k)(2).

Transfer of professional and service employees:  Notified in writing by the superintendent on or before March 1, 2015. If a hearing is required, the hearing on the proposed transfer shall be held on or before April 15, 2015. The superintendent at a meeting of the board on or before April 15, 2015, shall furnish in writing to the board a list of teachers and other employees to be considered for transfer and subsequent assignment for the 2015-2016 school year. 18A-2-7.

Probationary personnel:  The superintendent at a meeting of the board on or before April 15, 2015, shall provide in writing to the board a list of all probationary teachers and service personnel that s/he recommends to be rehired for the next ensuing school year. The board shall act upon the superintendent’s recommendations at that meeting. Any such probationary employee who is not rehired by the board at that meeting shall be notified in writing, by certified mail ten days following said board meeting, of their not having been rehired. 18A-2-8a.

Hearings for probationary personnel:  Any probationary teacher or probationary service personnel who receives notice that s/he has not been recommended for rehiring may, within ten days after receiving the written notice, request a statement of the reasons for not having been rehired and may request a hearing before the board.  The hearing shall be held at the next regularly scheduled board of education meeting or a special meeting of the board called within thirty days of the request for hearing. 18A-2-8a.

Rescission:  If prior to the first day in August of 2015, the reason for the particular employee’s reduction-in-force or transfer no longer exists, the board must rescind the action. 18A- 4-7a(j)(4) and 18A-4-8b(k)