Personalized medicine offers something for everyone. Dell Corporation, most notably known for producing computers has recently become deeply involved in the health industry. But the company isn’t just creating computers for the industry; they are currently working on significant, life-saving advancements, such as products and services to apply genomics to treatments.

Dell announced that its interest in health comes from the top and it’s not just about profits. Dell reported that Michael and Susan Dell have their own non-profit foundation that has funded children’s health-related causes worldwide and they have supported initiatives such as Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas. But when Dell realized that big data could be applied to emerging areas such as genomics which in turn makes a real impact on patient outcomes, Dell applied its computing power to improve the delivery of health care. For example, for children afflicted with cancer, Dell has partnered with the industry to apply big data, high performance computing, and the cloud to help doctors derive treatment cocktails in days rather than weeks or months. The data needed to devise the optimal cocktail for one patient is 30 terabytes—a massive amount of data that must be processed to understand how to treat each patient.

The attached infographic provides a statistical overview of Dell’s involvement in the health industry.