The Water Power Technologies Office of the United States Department of Energy (“DOE”) issued a January 18th Federal Register Notice stating it was reopening a comment period seeking public input regarding

“challenges and opportunities associated with hydropower development in undeveloped stream-reaches.” See 82 Fed. Reg. 5549.

On November 9, 2016 DOE had issued a request for information asking for input in regards to:

Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development of Hydropower in Undeveloped Stream-Reaches of the United States

The request for information also sought input on the:

. . .focus and structure of a potential funding opportunity to support research and development of advanced and/or nontraditional transformative hydropower technologies and project designs capable of avoiding or minimizing environmental and social effects of new cost-competitive hydropower development in undeveloped stream-reaches of the United States.

DOE states that it received several requests for additional time to prepare and submit comments. The comment period had ended December 16, 2016. As a result, it decided to reopen the comment period and accept responses to the request for information received no later than February 10th.

The requirements for submitting comments in response to the request for information can be found in the Federal Register Notice.

A copy of the Federal Register Notice can be downloaded here.