Boingo Wireless, the world’s leading wholesale aggregator of Wi-Fi services, announced a new global offering this week that will provide subscribers with unlimited access to any of the company’s 100,000 hot spots worldwide for a flat rate of €29.00 (U.S. $39.00) per month. Touted as one of the first services of its kind, Boingo’s “Global” plan is viewed as a key step beyond the current fragmented system of WiFi access in which users are typically subjected to per-minute charges that vary according to the WiFi provider and the user’s location. Currently, Boingo operates WiFi networks directly at 13 of the largest North American airports. As an aggregator, Boingo also has agreements in place with various international network operators that provide subscribers with access to affiliated hot spots at 23,000 locations in Asia, 27,000 locations in North America and 51,000 locations throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Subscribers to the new flat rate service will not require any special software, although Boingo will make a special program (dubbed “GoBoingo”) available that will alert users when they move within range of a Boingo hot spot. Other WiFi aggregators, such as Cloud, are expected to follow suit with similar flat-rate offerings in the months to come. Declaring, “we are targeting the globe-trotting international traveler who passes through many major cities,” Boingo CEO David Hagan proclaimed: “the days of per-minute charges and incremental roaming fees for Wi-Fi Internet access are over.”