The US Olympic Committee recently alleged that a Subway television advertisement falsely implies that Subway is affiliated or associated with the Olympics. The commercial features Michael Phelps swimming across an animated map toward Canada accompanied by a voiceover that states that Phelps is swimming to "where the action is this winter." The U.S. Olympic Committee has characterized Subway's commercial as "ambush marketing" and an attempt to associate Subway with the Olympics. The U.S. Olympic Committee has criticized Subway and other marketers for attempting to "benefit from an association with the Olympic marks without providing any financial support to America's athletes and the global Olympic movement."

TIP: The U.S. Olympic Committee actively enforces its rights to the Olympic marks. It is its position that any implication of an affiliation with the Olympics or use of the Olympic marks may only be made by official sponsors of the Olympics with approval by the U.S. Olympic Committee.