In a lengthy opinion detailing extensive findings of fact and law, a New York federal district court entered its order in favor of Harbinger F&G, LLC and against OM Group (UK) Limited in an action stemming from claims arising from the stock purchase agreement for the purchase of Old Mutual Financial Life Insurance Company by Harbinger from OM Group. Under the Agreement, Harbinger was entitled to a $50 million purchase price reduction if the Maryland insurance regulators did not approve a post-closing transaction between Old Mutual and Front Street Re, a reinsurance company owned indirectly by Harbinger, and if Harbinger fulfilled certain other conditions precedent. Harbinger was required to prepare and file certain approval documentation in the form agreed to by the parties, to use reasonable best efforts to obtain governmental approval for the reinsurance transaction and, if the transaction was not approved, Harbinger was required to engage in certain remedial efforts. When the post-closing transaction was not approved but OM Group failed to make the purchase price reduction payment, Harbinger sued. After holding a bench trial on those issues not disposed of on summary judgment, the trial court entered judgment in favor of Harbinger but found OM Group was entitled to the payment of certain fees from Harbinger. “>Harbinger F&G, LLC v. OM Group (UK) Limited, Case No. 12 Civ. 05315 (CRK) (USDC S.D.N.Y. Mar. 18, 2015).