Horseshoe Cleveland and Horseshoe Cincinnati have been fined by the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC). The Cleveland casino was fined $50,000 for issues involving its surveillance system. Inadequate coverage of table games was discovered during a routine audit by the OCCC several months ago. It was the failure of the casino to resolve the issue that triggered the fine. This is the third time Horseshoe Cleveland has been fined by the OCCC.

Horseshoe Cincinnati was fined $125,000 for surveillance and credit issues. As with Cleveland, issues concerning surveillance coverage were discovered during a routine audit by the OCCC and the Cincinnati casino failed to correct the problem. The larger fine was due to the fact that Horseshoe Cincinnati had a repeat credit-related violation. The Cincinnati casino authorized credit extensions beyond that allowed by their internal controls. They also provided credit to patrons with incomplete files. This was a violation of a 2013 agreement between Horseshoe Cincinnati and the OCCC. Commissioner Martin Hoke was not pleased. He indicated to other Commission members that he would advocate a fine of seven figures if this type violation happened again.