Basel Committee assesses financial market infrastructure compliance: The Basel Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) and IOSCO have assessed the EU, Japan and the US for progress in implementing the Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures (PFMI). It focused on application of the principles in relation to CCPs and trade repositories. Overall, the report announced good progress. Further assessments of other jurisdictions will follow. (Source: Basel Committee Assesses PFMI Compliance)

Basel publishes CCP quantitative disclosure standards: The Basel CPMI and IOSCO have published a set of public quantitative disclosure standards for CCPs. The disclosures should ease comparison of CCP risk controls and the risks CCPs face, and help to assess its systemic importance and the risks of participating in it. (Source: Basel Publishes CCP Quantitative Disclosure Standards)

Basel Committee publishes Basel III monitoring results: The results of the Basel III monitoring on data as at the end of June 2014 show that all large internationally active banks now meet the Basel III risk-based capital minimum requirements. Also, capital shortfalls relative to the higher target levels are lower. At the CET1 target level of 7.0% the aggregate shortfall for Group 1 banks is €3.9 billion, compared to €15.1 billion on 31 December 2013 and €485.6 billion on 30 June 2011. The capital shortfall for the Group 2 banks in the sample has also fallen. The exercise found the average CET1 capital ratios under the Basel III framework across the same sample of banks are 10.8% for Group 1 banks and 11.8% for Group 2 banks. The weighted average LCR for the Group 1 bank sample was 121%, and 140% for Group 2 banks 80% of banks in the sample reported an LCR that met or exceeded 100%. The weighted average NSFR for the Group 1 bank sample was 110%, and 114% for Group 2 banks. (Source: Basel Committee Publishes Basel III Monitoring Results)