On January 11, 2017, the Government of Ontario released a discussion paper titled “Developing a Modern Renewable Fuel Standard For Gasoline in Ontario,” which provides context for the new RFS requirements. The discussion paper explains that Ontario aims to keep the following considerations in mind when designing the RFS policy:

  • Ensure a level playing field for fuels, regardless of technology or origin;
  • Set ambitious but achievable goals;
  • Support near and long-term GHG emissions;
  • Improve diversity among low-carbon fuel options for consumers;
  • Provide a clear performance standard and necessary certainty to support investments;
  • Consider the overall impact on fuel suppliers and consumers;
  • Offer flexible methods for compliance supported by transparent platforms;
  • Complement other related policies; and
  • Collaborate with the federal government to coordinate renewable fuels programs

Ontario is seeking comments on the design options outlined in the discussion paper, including targets and blending requirements, flexibility mechanisms, assessing lifecycle emissions, and transparency. Comments are due by March 12, 2017.