From 1 July 2015, a new register of building addresses will be maintained by the Ministry of Interior. 

The register will contain official information about every building, including its address, the geographical location of its entrance and other brief verbal and visual information about it. 

The register will be publicly accessible via the Ministry of Interior’s website, enabling anyone to search for a particular building’s address or location. Applications to receive official information from the register in electronic or hard copy form may also be filed with the Ministry of Interior. 

Information obtained from the website is for information only and cannot be relied on for legal purposes. However, the information will be deemed complete and accurate unless proved otherwise. 

To improve record keeping, the owner (whether builder or developer) named in the occupancy permit for any new structure must apply to the relevant municipality for a street number and a land registry number within 30 days after use of the building under the occupancy permit becomes final. 

Owners of any existing buildings to which land registry and street numbers have not already been assigned by 30 June 2015 must apply for them by 31 December 2015.