On December 5, 2019, the Council of Ministers for Economic Integration (COMIECO) adopted resolution No. 419-2019 (COMIECO-LXXXIX) which approves the Central American Technical Regulation RTCA 67.04.54:18 Processed Foods and Beverages. Food Additives, which will come into force from June 5, 2020 and fully replaces the Central American Technical Regulation (RTCA) 67.04.54:10 Food and Beverages Processed. Food Additives.

The RTCA aims to establish the food additives and their maximum permitted doses in the different food categories.

The new regulation creates special conditions applicable to the use of unauthorized food additives directly on food ingredients and raw materials. It establishes food categories in which transfers of food additives are not acceptable and a list of additives permitted by the Codex Alimentarius and those permitted by the previous regulation and which are not adopted by the Codex Stan 192-1995.

In addition, the Central American Commission on Food Additives (CCAA) is established, which will aim to keep the list of additives contained in the Technical Regulations up to date, in turn creating the procedure for updating the lists of additives permitted by the Regulation.