The role of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys is changing.

With increasing recognition of the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) in securing a competitive edge in a global marketplace and driving the value of growing businesses, our clients are seeing us amongst their key advisors.  Many expect us to be a part of their business, understanding their commercial objectives and being proactive in helping them get the most out of IP.

The core of our services remains creating and securing IP rights and dealing pragmatically with others' rights.  However in recent years the ways in which we support clients has been expanding.  These include working with clients in mapping and managing their portfolios, carrying out landscaping exercises in new areas, providing support in negotiating licences and agreements and IP valuation.

Patent Mapping and Landscaping

This may be related to an existing portfolio e.g. to manage costs or identify licensing opportunities, or it may to give insight into a new technology to identify hot spots, or areas which are ripe for development.

Negotiating Agreements

In many collaborations or relationships based on technology the treatment of IP is absolutely critical to success.  Our detailed, practical knowledge of  how IP works and the potential pitfalls allows us to give invaluable support in the negotiation of licences and other agreements.


We have a range of services that we can offer to help gain an understanding of the potential value of the IP a business holds, ranging from simple and highly cost-effective online tool to a fully researched report based on in-depth market data.