The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has reported that a New Jersey-based toy company has agreed to pay a $1.1-million civil penalty for knowingly failing to report to CPSC the safety defect and hazard presented by its “Auto Fire Target Set.” The alleged defect involves the “soft, pliable, plastic toy dart[s]” that children could place in their mouths. If inhaled, the darts could apparently become lodged in the throat and prevent a child from breathing; the product was associated with three deaths by 2010 when Family Dollar Stores, Inc. and CPSC announced a product recall because manufacturer Henry Gordy refused to conduct the recall. While the company denies the allegations of product defect or violation of the reporting requirement, it apparently agreed to settle the claims by paying the penalty. CPSC commissioners voted 5-0 to provisionally accept the agreement. See CPSC News Release, October 14, 2011.