At the beginning of September, the Ministry of Internal Affairs enacted two key bylaws[1] which were necessary for enforcement of the Detective Activity Act. These bylaws were the last two of the five bylaws envisaged by the Detective Activity Act that were required for the full implementation thereof.

The two bylaws define conditions for carrying out detective activity in relation to the business premises, qualifications and vocational exam.

It needs to be stressed that the Detective Activity Act grants certain rights to the detective agencies that previously were exclusive to the state authorities, namely a right of personal data collection and database storing. This means that detective agencies, under certain conditions, can request a third party’s personal data from the state authorities’ databases, such as a residence address, insurance, ownership of the real estate, data from the state archives etc.

Although the Detective Activity Act is in force as of the end of 2013, its implementation was thorny due to lack of envisaged bylaws. Even state authorities, including Ministry of Internal Affairs and Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, were doubtful towards the detective agencies.