Paraguay maintains a good business climate although in general most of the countries of Latin America suffered a drop.

The Getulio Vargas Foundation  (FGV) and the Institute of Economic Studies at the University of Munich, located Paraguay in a better position than those Brazil and Argentina have in a study that analyzes the business environment in Latin America, where, in general, a significant drop was recorded in this area.

However, Paraguay is among the bests in the region holding 105 points in this measurement, while in Argentina recorded only 57 points and Brazil, 55. Important to highlight is that the country with best business environment is Colombia, with 131 points, leaving Bolivia in the second position, with 113 points.

Among the 11 analyzed countries, the business environment only improved in Mexico in 2014, where it went from 98 points in April to 102 points in July, while it remained stable in Venezuela, where from July 2013 remains at 20 points, the lowest level for the entire region.

Paraguay would rank fourth, behind Colombia, Bolivia and Peru, with 105 points, beating Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela.

Another interesting aspect of this study, is that is sustains that the negative changes occurring in the business environment in Latin America should not be attributed to the international situation, as the economic climate index globally rose by 3% between April and July 2014, due to better assessments situation in the United States and Asia.