On November 5, the FCC resolved its first ever data security action against a cable company with a $595,000 settlement. According to the FCC, the company did not have adequate data security measures in place for employees and contractors with access to the company’s electronic data systems. In 2014, the company’s electronic data systems were breached by a third party who, by pretending to be from the company’s IT department, convinced a customer service representative and a contractor to enter their account information into a fake website. The third party hacker allegedly used the information to gain access to customers’ personally identifiable information, subsequently sharing the information with another hacker and posting the information on social media sites. The cable company did not use the FCC’s breach-reporting portal to report the breaches. In addition to the civil money penalty, the settlement requires the company to: (i) identify and notify all customers affected by the breach and provide them with one year of free credit report monitoring; (ii) designate a senior corporate manager who is a certified privacy professional; (iii) conduct privacy risk assessments; (iv) implement a written information security program; (v) maintain reasonable oversight of third party vendors and implement multi-factor authentication; (vi) implement a more robust data breach response plan; (vii) provide privacy and security training to third party vendors and employees; and (viii) regularly file compliance reports with the FCC.