BBC News has reported research findings of a link between a single head injury and dementia. The research was carried out at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow and the University of Pennsylvania in the US.

A link had previously been recognised between dementia and sports involving repetitive blows to the head, such as boxing or football, but this research has found evidence of an increased likelihood of developing dementia after a single blow to the head. The study results suggest that a brain injury can spark a process in which the brain is damaged in other ways making the person more vulnerable to developing dementia.

Dr William Stewart led the team in Glasgow and has said "We know from clinical studies that there is a link between sustaining a head injury and developing dementia and what we are interested in is trying to understand what might be happening in the brains of these patients". The personal injury and clinical negligence team at Penningtons represents a number of brain injury patients, both adults and children, and supports charities in this field including Headway - the Brain Injury Association. We also represent a number of elderly clients and their families, when they have concerns about the quality of the care they or their relatives have received. We hope that this latest research will pave the way to an increased understanding of the possible consequences of a brain injury and the process of the development of dementia.