Here you will find a weekly update on what is happening in the food and drink sector.


Enjoy, it's from Europe’: New programme set to promote EU agriculture in 2016

A new €111 million programme aims to help European food producers find new markets outside the European Union and promote consumption of agri-food products within the EU., 13 October 2015

Free trade advice boosts UK exports to over €1 bn

Record numbers of British businesses are taking free advice from the government's investment body - meaning exports have reached over one billion euros in the past two years., 13 October 2015

Space technology to boost food industry

UK food manufacturers could benefit from £3.75m of funding to help develop innovative food production methods using satellite and space technology., 12 October 2015

Conversion of fish waste to flavours could be commercially viable, say researchers

Researchers working on ways to convert fish waste in to flavours say it may be a commercially viable proposition for the industry., 12 October 2015     

UK bakery market to grow by 9% by 2020

Ulrick & Short has sold its first sugar displacement product, ‘Elemis’, as it predicts the UK bakery market will grow by 9% by 2020., 12 October 2015

Macduff Shellfish caught by Canadian firm for £98.4m

Scottish fish processor Macduff Shellfish Group has been acquired by Canadian-based Clearwater Seafoods for £98.4m from the Beaton family and the private equity fund Change Capital Partners., 12 October 2015

Profits at Weetabix fall

Weetabix has said that it has suffered "the most challenging year faced by the company in a generation" amid shifting breakfast and shopping habits. Total turnover in 2014 was £352m, down 4% on the previous year. Profit before tax was £109m, down nearly 7%.

Telegraph, 11 October 2015

UK city calls for sugar tax to tackle ‘devastating’ addiction

UK city Brighton is urging food businesses to levy a 10p voluntary sugar tax on sugary drinks in a bid to address “the devastating harm caused by sugar addiction”., 9 October 2015

Report calls on European food sector to focus on sustainable energy use

With more than a quarter of all EU energy consumption, and a lower share of renewable energy than other industries, the European food sector must focus on sustainable use of energy, warns a new report., 9 October 2015

US snack bars Kind Snacks to launch in the UK this month

After seeing a quick rise in the US snacks market, Kind Snacks will launch its bars in the UK this month., 9 October 2015

Food prices are staying lower for longer, says FAO

Commodity prices are low and steadily falling according to the FAO – but this boon to food security comes at a cost to farmers and threatens to create a sluggish, unresponsive farming sector, it says., 8 October 2015

Italian gelato buyout sees Unilever eye scoop of premium ice cream market

Unilever looks set to take a bigger share of the premium ice cream market in addition to moving towards its own retail presence through the acquisition of Italian gelato business Grom., 8 October 2015

Tate & Lyle trading update suggests firm are ‘in line’ with outlook

UK-based food ingredients firm Tate & Lyle said trading performance in the first half of the year was in line with expectations, and that guidance for the full year remains unchanged., 8 October 2015

Consultation: the EFSA Strategy 2020

The draft EFSA Strategy 2020 is open for public consultation. Consultation ends: 20 November 2015.

European Food Safety Authority, 8 October 2015


Australia’s Treasury buys Diageo’s wine division

Diageo has sold the bulk of its wine business to Australia’s Treasury Wine Estates for US$600m to focus on its core spirits and beer portfolio.

Financial Times, 14 October 2015

Nestlé Waters to increase use of rPET by 38% for spring water brand

Nestlé Waters will increase the use of rPET by 38% for its most popular Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water bottles, ensuring it contains 50% recycled content by the end of 2016., 13 October 2015

SABMiller and AB InBev agree takeover plan

The birth of a new global mega brewer moved a step closer, as SABMiller revealed it had accepted “in principle” a higher takeover bid from rival Anheuser-Busch InBev, which valued the business at £44 a share., 8 October 2015