Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) has announced the details of a broad Arctic offshore drilling review that will address topics such as: drilling safely while protecting the environment, effective response when things go wrong, learnings, and environmental regulation for offshore drilling, including filing requirements. The review, which will begin this fall and be conducted in three phases, will examine the best available information on hazards, risks and mitigation measures associated with offshore drilling in the Canadian Arctic.

The federal Environment Department has announced that the governments of Canada and the North West Territories and the Joint Review Panel (JRP) for the proposed Mackenzie gas project have come to an agreement intended to allow the “consult‐to‐modify” process to proceed in a timely manner, reinvigorating the regulatory process for the project. Following receipt of comments from the JRP relating to a review of the federal government’s interim government response (IGR), the governments will consider the JRP’s comments and, where appropriate, revise the IGR and submit it to the NEB. It will take approximately a month following receipt of the government’s final report for the NEB to make a final decision on the proposed $16.2 billion project.