An AM daytime-only station, located in Louisiana, received a $4,000 fine for failing to operate in accordance with its authorization, which is a violation of Section 73.1745(a) of the Commission's Rules. Section 73.1745(a) states that no broadcast station shall operate at times, or with modes or power, other than those specified in its license. The broadcaster was fined an additional $10,000 for failing to maintain a complete public inspection file in violation of Section 73.3526 of the Commission's Rules.

The FCC's NAL indicates that in October 2010, a New Orleans field agent responding to an interference complaint observed unauthorized post-sunset operation of the AM station. According to the station's authorization, operations should have ceased at 8:30 p.m. The field agent confirmed on two separate occasions that the station continued operating after 8:30 p.m. During a subsequent inspection of the station, the station's general manager informed the field agent that the station had been operating beyond its sunset authority, at reduced power, for several years. The station manager erroneously believed that the current authorization provided for such nighttime operations.

During that inspection, the field agent also reviewed the public inspection file and determined that it lacked the station's current authorization, a pending license application, and the station's last eight quarterly issues/programs lists. The FCC issued the base fines for both violations – $4,000 for unauthorized nighttime operation, and $10,000 for the public inspection file violation.