The Kingsley Napley immigration team would like to remind employers registered as Tier 2 sponsors that the UK Border Agency plans to re-calibrate their allowance of Certificate of Sponsorship (CoSs) twice before the permanent immigration cap comes in - once in October 2010 and again in January 2011.

Employers who have Tier 2 (General) CoSs currently ear-marked for a particular hire must be aware that they could have their CoS allocation reduced further unless the CoS is issued, following the UK Border Agency's CoS re-calibration. The re-calibration is the UK Border Agency's way of managing the allocation of Tier 2 (General) CoSs under its interim immigration limits, introduced on 19 July 2010 pending a permanent cap due in April 2011.

Many Tier 2 registered sponsors saw their CoS allocation greatly reduced following the introduction of the interim limit and the re-calibration could further decrease sponsors' allocations. This represents a further restriction on the ability of UK-based businesses to bring in skilled staff to their UK offices.